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September, 2003

Sanjiv Devraj

I was diagnosed with a severe form of Ulcerative Colitis called pancolitis. For a number of years after taking prescribed medication, I racked up a number of medical bills and did not see my life improving -- in fact, things continued to get worse. My condition was so bad, I had lost complete control of my bowels which made it so difficult to be with family and proceed with my career.

January, 2010

The Struggle Was Real

Stopping the car to run into a gas station bathroom. Cutting presentations short at the office. Putting family vacations to a halt. To say I was mentally & physically defeated, depressed, and desolate, is an understatement. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Just over 6 years after my diagnosis, something came over me to use my biology background to understand the science behind the disease. I dug into scientific journals, clinical trials and even ancient Ayurvedic medicine. I just knew that if I can understand the underlying root cause of IBD, I would find a better way to overcome this -- it was then that I was determined to find a natural solution.


Sarin & Samay Devraj

At the time of my diagnosis, my sons Sarin and Samay were 8 and 5 years old. They couldn’t completely understand what was going on, but definitely witnessed my daily struggles and limitations. My wife did an outstanding job in instilling that they were all in it together for me. To this day, they have supported me on my journey and join my mission to help those seek an all-natural approach to healing.


Our Mission & Values

My determination was to find natural products that would address the root cause of IBD. So after extending my research to speak with family members back in India, I learned about the anti-inflammatory, superfood effects of Turmeric, specifically the active ingredient Curcumin. Combining this with Probiotics to stabilize and balance my gut bacteria and Digestive Enzymes to support nutrient breakdown and absorption I realized a miraculous turnaround to my health. This was the birth of the GutPack, paired with smart choice for a healthy diet, I was making major strides in overcoming my Ulcerative Colitis. Today, my health is better than ever -- with family/friends get togethers, golf outings with my sons, and my career back on track my life was being restored.

Millions of people struggle with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) everyday. Here at anamiva, we are on a mission to bring light to natural products and help you build "Gut Wealth" using a thoughtfully curated supplements that are backed by old-world science. We encourage you to be proactive in your health and wellness journey and so we consider our supplements to be used for prevention as well. So don't wait to be diagnosed with a condition because a healthy life begins with a healthy gut.


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