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Zoom Gut-Brain Bundle | Ashwagandha
Zoom Gut-Brain Bundle | Ashwagandha
Zoom Gut-Brain Bundle | Ashwagandha
Zoom Gut-Brain Bundle | Ashwagandha

Gut-Brain Bundle | Ashwagandha

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- 30 Day Supply
- Thoughtfully curated bundle containing
- Ascend | Ashwagandha
- Restore | Probiotics
- Reboot | Digestive Enzymes
- FREE Shipping (US Only)

Welcome to the Anamiva Gut-Brain Bundle! This unique combination of supplements is designed to unite optimum gut health and peak brain performance.

Integrating Ascend ashwagandha into your diet is a top priority as it's an herbal adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. The root contains active components that can help to lower cortisol, which can lead to improved sleep, stress resilience, and focus. Plus, its antioxidant activity helps protect our cells from damage and weighs heavily in favor of overall good health.

Restore probiotics are included in the bundle due to the fact that digestive bacteria play an integral role in promoting better mental wellness. Restore effectively brings beneficial bacteria into balance, freeing up energy stores and optimizing healthy functioning throughout the body - including a robust immune system and balanced mood stability.

Finally, we have Reboot digestive enzymes. Naturally occurring enzymes found within this supplement are responsible for breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats during digestion; this layer of necessary assistance helps provide our bodies with fuel for efficient energy production. When combined with Ascend ashwagandha and Restore probiotics, Reboot helps supercharge productivity levels both in body and mind!

Overall the Anamiva Gut-Brain Bundle offers a holistic approach that puts your physical health at the forefront so your mind can flourish too. Get started now on a path toward peak (gut + brain) performance!


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