That Gut Feeling


I am sure you have that feeling before.  That moment when you feel some fluttering in your gut? Like maybe before or during a meeting?  Or just before seeing your doctor? I know that this may sound all too familiar and it should be.  But why in your gut? Your gut houses many neurons that speak with your brain.  It is actually your enteric nervous system, or sometimes called the second brain, kicking into gear.  Well, this is your gut-brain connection that, under times of anticipation, stress, uncertainty, or fear, communicates to your brain that something is about to happen. It’s that gut feeling.

This feeling is a natural, involuntary response and most importantly we should all listen and learn from its communication. Don’t ignore it or try to shoo it away, it’s best to embrace that feeling and trust that it is communicating something to you. There have been a number of scenarios in my life where I’ve had that feeling prior to something happening and sure enough, something did. A great example was when I was a young driver going down a road at night that had very little light.  I was about to come across a bend and I had this gut feeling that something maybe just around it so I immediately gripped the steering wheel tighter.  Just as I was going through the turn, I saw a deer standing at the edge of the road and at the very moment I saw him and he saw me, he decided to dart across the road.  Thankfully I was alert, with anticipation, that something was coming up that I was able to successfully swerve out of harms way for both of us. I guess you may call this intuition, and some say it's the same thing, but there is something that science has not yet understood why we get these gut feelings.

Our gut feelings are wonderful, mysterious and it’s nature’s way of helping us get through life. Let’s be more aware of how our body communicates with us and how we responded.  I would love to hear your experiences with gut feelings.