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Focus on Your Core

Have you felt droopy or tired after a meal? How about feeling the bloat or uneasiness in your tummy? What about sitting at your desk only to glaze over the task at hand with brain fog? Surprise, these may be signs that there is some imbalance in your gut. Even further, it may reveal something going on within your immune system. 80% of your immune system resides in the gut so if you are feeling not like your usual self this may be why. So why does this all matter?

Well, our digestive & immune systems combine to make up a complex ecosystem with interdependent biological processes that help us metabolize, produce energy and maintain a strong immunity for us to go about our day. It is the harmony of processes in your gut that maintain a healthy self. So when you experience brain fog, an upset stomach or even anxiety, it may be clueing you in that some imbalance is happening.

When I was younger, I was able to eat pretty much anything and lots of it. When I was in my early 20s I started feeling differences like frequent stomach aches, experiencing frequent headaches and an inability to drink milk. I really had not changed my diet in any way since I was younger, so I just thought these were momentary short-term occurrences. I would just take some OTC remedy and typically it would go away. As I transitioned into the 30s, I was noticing food intolerances (not only milk but now gluten) and my inability to handle alcohol was becoming problematic.

It was in my early 30s when the symptoms that were affecting me got to a point that I was hospitalized. After a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I replayed the past years of digestive issues and dismissed as something temporary. But what was actually happening was that my body’s digestive and immune systems were heavily impacted by a combination of the foods and OTC remedies that I consumed. Not really knowing, but these symptoms were methodically breaking down these very vital systems.

Since then, I have really dialed into my body particularly listening to my gut. So when you eat something, pay close attention to how you feel. Maybe even keeping a record of what you’ve eaten or drank to capture how you felt afterwards. It's important to focus on your core.


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